Note that I didn’t see any bugs on this trip 🙂

The hotel sits atop a mountain and looks like a 60s sci-fi spaceship or James Bond villain’s lair (see On Her Majesty’s Secret Service). We imagined that hidden beneath us, within the mountain, were an army of blue-jump-suited henchmen all helping to construct a death ray.

The views from the restaurant and rooms are spectacular. The restaurant served good inexpensive food and provided a good breakfast. The menu was a bit disorganised and it was only after dinner that we discovered another page at the back with additional entrée choices.

The en-suite rooms are clean and comfortable, but could do with some refurbishment. There are apparently some less expensive rooms with shared facilities. This could be turned into a luxury hotel but then the prices would be higher.

On the Sunday morning we found the car park and downstairs of the hotel overrun with extreme runners who had run up the mountain. I’m sure none of them bought any of the hotel’s food or drinks and if I were the owner I would be discouraging or charging them!

There is a cable car to bottom/top that is worth the ride even if you drive and park at the top. The tickets seem to be included in the room cost, although we only discovered this when we asked for them. I recorded the trip down:

Certainly worth a visit if you want something completely unusual and unique.