No insects/bugs in this review 🙂

Fast Track at London Gatwick

This was pretty fast. The only reason I’m mentioning the fast track is that I realise that BA only provide this for Club and First and not Premium Economy. Virgin provide fast track for Premium Economy – worth thinking about when choosing an airline.

Terraces Lounge

This was the usual sprawling BA lounge just like the one at London Heathrow T3. The difference being that there was no hot food available. At least it wasn’t arranged like a boarding school dinner hall – which is how the Heathrow T5 lounge looks. Virgin are so far ahead in their lounge offering.

On board

Club seats on a Boeing 777 are arranged in a mixture of forward- and rear- facing combinations. All are capable of extending to completely flat beds in conjunction with the footstool. You can see the seat layout on seat guru (but please ignore their suggestions for good seats as I think they are wrong).

Seat A is a rear-facing window seat. Seat B is a forward-facing aisle seat. If you are passenger A then you will be looking face-to-face at passenger B. Well that is until take off when you can press a button to raise the privacy screen. This creates a nice cocoon cabin as the fuselage is on one side and the separating wall between A and B is on the other. If you want food or drinks then they all have to be served across passenger B via the lowered privacy screen. Still it is better to be A than B, as B is effectively sleeping in an open aisle.

Seat D is a forward-facing aisle seat with the same disadvantages as B.

Seats E and F are rear-facing seats in the middle of the plane. These are great if you are a couple, as once the D/E and F/G privacy screens go up, you are in a small private room. I think it would be odd to be in one of these seats with a stranger.

Seats G and J are forward-facing aisle seats with the same disadvantages as B.

Seat K is just like A.

There are two Club cabins; the front cabin with three rows is quieter than the rear with two rows, as you are away from the engines.

So my recommendation for single travellers is to choose 3A or 3K – or any A or K seat. Couples should choose 2E and 2F, or any middle pairing.

The entertainment system was the usual video on-demand type system, but as this was a night flight I didn’t bother with it.

The hot food was terrible; the beef steak was swimming in some sauce, no doubt to keep it moist while being nuked in the microwave, the pasta dish came in the shape of an upturned bowl, clearly just dumped out of its container after removal from the microwave. I remember business class meals on Continental and Delta being almost like visiting a restaurant. One odd thing that happens in the food and drink service is that each attendant takes their half of the plane; one serves A, B, D and E, the other F, G, J and K. So if you are a couple in E and F, you find yourselves eating and drinking at different times because you’re served by different attendants at different speeds.

The amenity pack had the usual items you’d expect but was missing a pen. Considering that landing forms must be completed it seems a bit remiss to not include pens in the pack.

I couldn’t find any power points for a laptop or iPad, either mains or USB. I’m sure people travelling on business would be upset about that.

So a little bit disappointing, but the most important thing was the lie-flat seats on a night flight.