www.laterooms.co.uk have released a survey that shows that most couples have an average of two big arguments on holiday. They also list the top ten reasons for the arguments. While it is quite an entertaining list, who really knows how many people were asked and from which country. I have a feeling it was a small straw poll amongst the late rooms staff and their friends.

I’m also pretty sure that bugs and insects would feature in at least one argument.

I also think that many of the arguments are probably more to do with an underlying reason, such as not enough sex. But rather than mention that and make things worse, the couples argue over minor issues.

Nonetheless, I’m including this list, plus my own comments, for your entertainment. If anyone has any suggestions for the list, then feel free to add a comment.

  1. Men looking at other women at the pool or beach
  2. Disagreements over activities – women wanted to lie in the sun and men wanted to do some activity
  3. What to eat and where
  4. Drinking too much
  5. Driving and map reading
  6. Packing – this sounds like a pre-holiday argument to me
  7. Women taking too long to get ready
  8. Spending too much money
  9. What time to get to the airport
  10. Disagreements over currency – strange one this as I can’t believe that anyone would argue that much about the exact exchange rate and goes to prove my theory about an underlying cause.