This restaurant used to be part furniture shop and part restaurant; the idea was that all the furniture and some decor was for sale. Now it feels much more like a restaurant but I’m guessing that you can still buy furniture there.

They have a new chef. I’m not sure how the food used to be, but now it is excellent. We had a six-course tasting menu and every course was an unusual and delicious oriental style delight.

We ordered a bottle of Chilean wine, something similar to a Merlot. This was decanted by our waiter. On our second course, the sommelier visited us and mentioned that he would have recommended a different wine with that course. It seems that it is possible to have him pair wines to each course, although I’ve no idea what the cost for that would be. The sommelier was a really friendly, funny guy and offered us a free small glass of the wine he recommended.

The restaurant atmosphere was good, food excellent and the friendly sommelier really made us welcome. Oh and they have wifi!

Národní 1987/22  110 00 Praha, Czech Republic
+420 607 658 184