Bed Bug
Bed Bug

Bed bugs are small crawling parasitic insects that can live in your matress, headboard and the cracks around them. They can bite you and although the bite isn’t usually serious, some people have an allegic reaction and others develop a secondary infection due to scratching the bites.

The bugs crawl out in the middle of the night and so you probably wouldn’t see them. This is what to look for:

  • Small, dark blood spots on bed sheets or bedding, known as ‘faecal pellets’. When the bugs crawl into tight spaces they excrete blood and leave these dark spots.
  • Cast nymphal skins
  • A distinctive sweet and sickly smell

If you suspect there are bed bugs in your hotel room, let the hotel know and insist they call a pest control company like Rentokil. You should also be carfeul not to take any bugs home with you – put everything on a hot wash when you return.

Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.