Heathrow Airport announce that free wi-fi will be available from the 1st June 2013 – although my guess is that technical delays could push this date back slightly. I imagine that you would search for the wi-fi signal and then a login screen will ask you to agree and maybe also collect your email address. After that you should get 45 minutes of wi-fi for free.

If 45 minutes isn’t enough for you, then you can double this amount by applying for a free ‘Heathrow rewards’ card www.heathrow.com/rewards. This is the new name for the current ‘Worldpoints card’. The card also allows you to collect points on Heathrow airport purchases and parking. Points can be converted into vouchers, BA Avios and Virgin miles. So I ‘m guessing the free wi-fi login screen will have a field for you Rewards card number (16 digits!) or the email associated with your Rewards account (better).

Please comment on your experience with this free wi-fi service and note the terminal, connection speed and ease of login.