Cowboys is part of the Kampa Group of restaurants. Their flagship is Kampa Park, on the Vltava River with views of Charles Bridge (lower terrace flooded and pictures in my previous posts about floods in Prague).

Cowboys is about two thirds up the steep Nerudova street that runs from Malostrana up to Prague Castle. If you are planning on dining on the Cowboys roof terrace, there are a further 70 steps to climb inside the restaurant building. If that feels like too much, you can take a 22 tram to Prazsky Hrad and then walk through the Castle and down Nerudova. But you’ll still need to climb the stairs for the terrace.

Cowboys is themed as an up-market steakhouse. The downstairs is cavernous, windowless and more popular in Winter, or for corporate parties. The roof terrace has spectacular views of Prague and a nice cool vibe atmosphere. It’s an almost perfect place for a summer’s evening, except that I was buzzed by a few wasps when there (mid June). I’m sure you are thinking, well mid-June there are probably lots of wasps about, but I’ve been eating outside all week and haven’t seen a single one. So if they have wasps there now, then I wonder how many will be there when the wasp season is in full swing around September in Prague.

The terrace is open until midnight, which is unusual for Prague as most places have to close their terrace at 10pm to comply with residential noise restrictions.

Food and service are good, although this is quite an expensive place by Czech standards. They make excellent cocktails.

Sadly, the wasps have put me off visiting Cowboys roof terrace. I’m hoping they read this and confirm that some exterminator has removed the (unseen by me) nest.

Nerudova 223/40
118 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic

+420 296 826 107

Cowboys Restaurant Roof Terrace
Cowboys Restaurant Roof Terrace