British Airways to allow the use of mobile phones soon after the aircraft lands: From 1 July, once an aircraft has got off the runway people can power up their electronics, rather than having to wait until it has stopped. This applies to all BA flights wherever they land – not just UK airports. But the rule doesn’t apply to departing flights where electronics need to be switched off until until the plane reaches 10,000ft (3,050m).
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Weird items left in hotel rooms: This week a hotel worker and Reddit user asked others to reveal the most unusual things they have found in a hotel room. The query has so far received more than 6,000 comments. Items include an inflatable sex doll, US $20, 000 in cash, A goat dressed like Abraham Lincoln and breast implants.
Full story with a cute slideshow: Daily Telegraph

Lindsay Bien-aime was forcibly removed from a US Airways flight by multiple police officers after she refused to stop talking on her cell phone.

The pilot returned the plane to the gate and Police were called around 6:36 a.m. The flight was from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to Charlotte, N.C.

Here’s a video taken by a passenger who was on board (note contains strong language):