Air Berlin are offering a sign up bonus of 1500 miles when you join their Top Bonus frequent flyer scheme.

Even if you don’t use Air Berlin, it could be worth joining as they are a member of the One World alliance (BA, AA etc) and so you could collect miles on the Air Berlin card and redeem for BA/AA flights.

Okay that doesn’t sound too exciting. But what you could do is ask Air Berlin for a status match against your Star Alliance or Sky Team Gold card. Air Berlin, unlike BA, are known to offer matches. Here’s how to do it:

Colour scan your Gold Card (I’m guessing any Gold will do but Sky Team or Star Alliance is probably best).

Email and explain that you are planning to fly Air Berlin in future. Provide your Top Bonus card/account number and details. If you have actually flown a lot with the airline you have Gold status, then a copy of your flight statement wouldn’t hurt.

Air Berlin will hopefully upgrade you to Gold – maybe for 6 months. Sadly, I’m not sure if this is counted as One World Gold, but Silver. But that’s fine as Silver gets you priority checkin, free seat allocation on BA and use of the One World lounges.

So if you don’t have One World status and are planning to fly with a One World airline within the next six months, this could be the deal for you.