A German girl, on holiday with some friends in Ibiza, had a few too many drinks and then went skinny dipping in the sea at night (obviously never seen the Jaws movie). During the swim, all her and her friends belongings were stolen – including her smartphone. There are no pictures of the unnamed German girl, but I’m imagining that she looked pretty hot running around naked on the beach! Please don’t spoil this if you know different.

The (alleged – just putting this because I’m supposed to although it’s pretty obvious who the thief was) thief then returned to Dubai and began using the smartphone and its camera. Four months after the Ibiza trip, the girl  noticed 15 new pictures inside her Dropbox camera upload folder. They were of someone called Hafid (she found out his name later). Hafid hadn’t turned the auto-upload function off.

The girl writes: ‘Every photo he takes appears instantly on my computer. What a douche.’

She then started a blog, containing Hafid’s pictures, some video and sarcastic comments. You can read the story of how the phone was lost (although I think I explained that already) here:

After that just click on Archive and you can see Hafid enjoying life in Dubai. Although now this story is all over the internet (not just by me with a only few dozen dedicated readers) I’m hoping the next pictures will be of his arrest and subsequent lashings or hand chopping off punishment.