I thought I would look at insect and spider repellers on amazon.com. I found the electronic spider repeller shown at the end of this post. It sounded interesting: Electromagnetic waves have been suggested to affect the nervous systems of spiders and are thought to be the main cause of spiders leaving the house.

Then I read some of the reviews – well okay I read the worst reviews first. Some of the quotes from these reviews were so funny that I forgot that I was trying to work out if this thing actually worked or not. Here’s some:

  • Please open the video and photograph attached to this email showing a big spider in my room, despite the fact that the device is plugged in the wall and turned on in the same room.
  • I noticed that the garden shed had become full of spiders webs again, so I unplugged the unit and there on the rear was a spider sleeping !
  • I discovered a monster spider sitting quite happily on my elbow – whilst I was in my study close to one of the repellers.
  • I knew it was time to write this review when one spider decided to settle down a couple of inches away from this so-called repeller for the night. I was expecting the cheeky thing to invite some of its mates over for a midnight rave.
  • This product is about as useful as sand paper is for grating cheese, upon returning from a weekend away i witnessed a spider dancing on the ceiling with 2 fingers up telling us we have been a bunch of mugs for purchasing this device in hope of getting rid of him and his cousins.
  • I had seen two spiders that were larger than a quarter prompting me to order the unit. Since plugging it in, I have seen two smaller spiders. I cannot recommend this product if you are interested in reducing the spider population, only the size.
  • The moral of this story for me is…..get a boyfriend who is not scared of an 8 legged creatures.

So looks like back to the drawing board. The reviews do mention a flashing light on the unit. I suspect that is the only function of the unit and the manufacturer just hopes that they don’t get many returns. In fact many of the reviews mention that, when they received the device, it appeared as if it had been re-packed and used before.

If anyone actually has one of these and thinks it works, let me know.

PestBye Advanced Plug In Spider Repeller Deterrent
PestBye Advanced Plug In Spider Repeller Deterrent