Most kids have nightmares about a bogeyman hiding under the bed. For those of us who don’t like bugs, we’re more likely to be worried that there is a cockroach or giant spider hiding there. Maybe you don’t want to know what’s there and decide not to look? Well that can work when whatever is under there is relatively harmless, but not if there happens to be a crocodile living there.

The UK Daily Telegraph reports that a 330 lb crocodile sneaked into the Humani lodge, Zimbabwe and spent the entire night lying quietly under the bed of an oblivious Guy Whittall. Pictures can be seen in the link below:

I’m less sympathetic with Mr Whittall than I would be someone from Regents Park, who found a crocodile under the bed after it had escaped from London Zoo. After all, they hadn’t really asked to be put in danger, despite the zoo proximity. Whereas Mr Whittall went to a lawless, bug-filled country and went to a crocodile-infested swamp!