Hyatt have a reciprocal arrangement with MGM’s MLife loyalty card. Whatever status you have with one card can be matched with the other. If you are already have a high status with one of these, then there’s no reason not to match that in the other – well that is unless you have Hyatt status but don’t ever intend to visit Las Vegas and stay at an MGM Resort and Casino.

But imagine you are planning to visit Vegas and stay in one of the MGM properties below? It would certainly help to be an MLife Platinum member – you should get a beeter room rate when booking, priority check in, an upgraded room, buffet line pass, club VIP entry and some other benefits.

There are 12 MGM Resorts in Las Vegas participating in the Hyatt Gold Passport and MGM Resort M life partnership:

  • Bellagio
  • Aria
  • Mandalay Bay
  • THEhotel
  • Vdara
  • MGM Grand
  • The Signature at MGM Grand
  • The Mirage
  • Monte Carlo
  • New York New York
  • Luxor
  • Excalibur

You’ll need to be a Hyatt Platinum member first. Here’s how to do that without 25 stays or 50 nights in one calendar year:

  • Do you have Gold status with another hotel chain such as Hilton or Marriott? If not then you can become Hilton Gold for $50 by becoming a MilePoint Premium member.
  • Now you are Gold, you can apply to Hyatt for a Platiunum Status challenge. This gives you a Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond Trial for 60 days and requires you to stay 12 nights at Hyatt hotels worldwide during the 60-day trial.
  • In order to request the Hyatt Diamond Trial, you must first set up a Hyatt Gold Passport account. Once you have a Hyatt Gold Passport account, you can either call the Hyatt service center at 800-228-3360 or email Hyatt through at requesting the Hyatt Diamond Trial. They might ask you to show at least one stay in the chain you are matching from.

Now you have Hyatt Platinum, I’d encourage you to actually try to stay 12 nights in the 60-day trial as the benefits are pretty good and it would be great to have that card for a year. But even if you won’t be staying one night in a Hyatt, you can now match your status to MLife Platinum. You’ll need to sign up for MLife and then arrange the match – more information here.

When you arrive at the casino, go straight to the MLife Player’s Club desk and give them your MLife card number. They’ll issue you with a Platinum MLife card and then you can go back to the priority check in at reception. After that enjoy the MLife Platinum benefits!

What I don’t know yet is what happens to your MLife status if you don’t complete the HYatt Platinum trial. I’m hoping the two aren’t linked.