This is the third of a series of reviews of my trip to Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The following links will become clickable after each review becomes available:

New York, New York is one of the MGM Group of casinos that dominate part of the strip. The high end of these is Bellagio, the low end Excalibur – NY, NY is near the low end. Having previously stayed at the Venetian, I wasn’t expecting too much. But to improve my chances of a good room, I acquired a Platinum MLife card using the Hyatt Platinum challenge then match to MLife as described in a previous post. The MLife card also gave me a discount on my booking $41 plus 12% tax $4.92 plus resort fee $20 plus resort fee 12% tax $2.40 = total $68.32 per night for a standard room.

Check in was quiet and so I didn’t need to use the priority check in desk. I was hoping for a good upgrade with my MLife Platinum card but only received a one class room upgrade.

The room was fine, clean, bed comfortable, high floor, good view and no noise from the rollercoaster that surrounds the hotel. The in-room wi-fi worked fine for me. There was strangely no mini-bar. There was a turn-down service each night – I think that is an MLife Platinum thing. The biggest disappointment was the bathroom; big but with nothing in it. The bath was tiny with a shower screen and shower over the bath. There was a double washbasin and toilet. There was plenty of room for a large tub and separate shower.

The casino floor isn’t as large as the big casinos like MGM Grand, Caesars, Venetian and it was pretty difficult to spot a waitress – but once I’d hooked into one, the drinks service was pretty good. There were no single zero roulette tables. Minimums were as low as $5 sometimes and I didn’t see anything higher than $10.

There’s a small New York themed area with an Irish bar and some food outlets. The theming was okay but the narrow ‘streets’ were a bit crowded.

Buffet breakfast in the Chin Chin Asian diner didn’t look good and so we crossed the strip, using a bridge that links the hotel with the MGM Grand and went to the MGM Grand Buffet. The MLife Platinum card came in handy and we were able to skip the lines. We also did the same for the Mirage Cravings dinner buffet.

I charged everything to my room (always a good idea as it gives the player’s club clerk something to comp). The MLife card allows charging in any of the MGM hotels in Vegas. I spent several hours on the roulette tables – giving my MLife card to the croupier each time. So I was pretty disappointed when I visited the MLife club prior to check out and was told all they could comp was the resort fee. Vegas comps are getting harder and harder. I have no idea if the MLife Platinum helped – if it did then I wonder what non-status members receive as a comp? Maybe a free baseball cap?

Would I stay here again? Well probably not, but if you are on a budget then there’s no reason not to stay at New York, New York.