UPDATE 5:40PM UK TIME: I tried to participate during the sale, but just received a message to say ‘Sorry you weren’t lucky this time’. I then received an email with a code for 10% off my next booking. The code is lost£1found10%

The email also says: Thought you missed the sale? Hmm maybe not, we’re doing it all over again on Thursday 28th November via Facebook. Why not head over there and have a second shot?

I probably won’t bother, but good luck if you do.

I previously wrote about the Qbic London City £1 room sale and how to sign up. The sale starts at midday today. This is the email I received from them:


On Wednesday 27th November 2013 at Midday the doors will open on the inaugural Qbic London £1 room sale. So set your clocks, put out the cat, pull on your lucky pants, skive off work, set up your smart phone but be on standby for the big event.


At Midday precisely we will launch the sale here it’s a one hit deal and completely random as to whether you get a through the first screen to pick a room. If you are one of the lucky ones you will be offered the chance to select from the remaining dates.

First one through gets first choice, last one gets the remaining room. We will be letting 425 people through our gateway over the course of 4 hours, so pick your time carefully, there will be more people trying at the beginning so less chance of getting through, but more room choice.. hmm tactics tactics.

If you are not so lucky…

keep an eye on your inbox we have a few tricks up our sleeves…


P.S As well as promoting our rather marvellous chic yet budget hotel the £1 room sale is raising money for our partner charities Bikeworks and foodcycle. All winners will be asked to donate their £1 or a bit more if they feel so inclined in exchange for their keycard on arrival at the hotel.