I’ve been looking at various Caribbean resorts that would be could to visit in late February, early March. The Dominican Republic seemed good value and so I looked on Trip Advisor for popular hotels.

The Iberostar Grand Bavaro looked good as it won Traveller’s Choice All-inclusive Luxury in 2013. Reading the reviews, I was a little put off by tales of hawkers (don’t know why resorts can’t stop these people hassling guests all day with offers of stupid trinkets that you wouldn’t even want for free) and rough sea around the beach that wouldn’t be good for snorkeling.

But then I found this review. The review gave the place five stars – despite the fact that he writes:
Indeed, we suffered a marauding tarantula through our room late one night and after another hotel guest and I dispatched it, sweet Ruben, a butler, attempted to console my wife (a noted arachnophobe) with a bottle of Grey Goose vodka to calm her nerves. The vodka was cool and smooth and she quickly regained her composure.

Tarantula??? I don’t remember reading that in the brochure. Can you imagine waking up to find a tarantula in your room? I’d have a freaking heart attack!

I did a search about tarantulas in the Dominican Republic and found some more Trip Advisor comments here.

Then I wondered about other Caribbean islands and found some discussion.

The more I look into the subject, the scarier it becomes. The Caribbean seems infested with midges, sand fleas, tarantulas, black widow spiders and scorpions. There’s even a US Dept of Defense guide on what troops might find there.

So far it looks like St. John is worst and Aruba is best – in terms of bug encounters. But if anyone has some information to share then please add a comment.