Il Melograno is an Italian restaurant not far from the Italská Tram 11 stop – walk along Vinohradská to Italská and then toward the park (uphill).

The website says that Il Melograno is ‘an Italian Enoteca style restaurant’, which I think refers to the numerous wine bottles that are suspended from custom, curved, bottle holders that follow the arched ceilings. Each arch has about 50 bottles, so maybe 38 kilos hanging there. They’re lucky it wasn’t me who put in the fixings as I can’t even get shelves to stay up.

We were on a Groupon-style deal that included several courses and interaction with the chef. Well we certainly did interact with Chef Davide Suleymano – he spent some time chatting to us about what food we liked and what he had planned. Davide went to the almost open kitchen and left us in the company of a lovely, friendly waitress.

Against convention with the fish-orientated menu, we ordered a bottle of Chianti (about 530Kc) and large San Pellegrino water (90Kc).

The antipasti was fantastic. Forget a few slices of Parma ham, some mozzarella and bruschetta – we had various plates containing mussels, clams, smoked salmon, razor clams, langoustines and stuffed sun-dried tomatoes.

We could have had pasta as a primo, but with such a large selection of antipasti and a whole sea bass each planned as secondo, we agreed to skip the pasta. Now, I wish I’d had a small ravioli so I could write about how it was.

The sea bass was perfect.

The restaurant has free Wi-Fi. The toilets are really nice, with small amenities that you probably wouldn’t need but just show an attention to detail.

There is also a delicatessen, so if you find yourself short of parmesan one evening, you can pop around and pick some up from the restaurant.

Despite the open kitchen, none of the cooking smells filled the restaurant or were left on our clothes.

They also have what looks like a good value, four-course menu for New Year’s Eve – 1400Kc or 1700Kc with wine pairing. We’re already booked to go elsewhere.

Il Melograno
Italská 25, Vinohrady
12000 Prague, Czech Republic
+420 773 632 417