3rd September 2015 update: This restaurant is now closed.

Café Bazaar specialises in gourmet burgers and sides, although there are other items on the menu.

We had five of the mini burgers, although each burger was what I would call a decent size burger; the full-size versions must be enormous. The five we ordered were; Bazaar (x2), Bacon, Chicken and Veggie plus one baked potato and one homemade fries. We also had the honey mustard and BBQ sauce dressings. It’s a little odd that such a great burger is only about 80Kc but the dressing is 20Kc. The baked potato is 35Kc and that comes with sour cream. I think people would happily pay 100Kc for the burger and make the sauce/dressing free.

All of burgers and their buns were excellent, although my dining partner wasn’t keen on the veggie burger (I ate the whole thing). The baked potato was light and fluffy. The homemade fries were really good. I probably would order at least one dressing/sauce again, just for the fries as the burgers don’t need anything added.

We tried the beer, which wasn’t one I recognised and now I can’t remember the name. We thought it was a good beer and excellent value at 29Kc for a 0.5l – Czech pub prices. I also tried a glass of red wine and a Sambuca – all good and for a good price.

We finished with an excellent pistachio chocolate cheesecake type of thing.

There was also free wi-fi. The toliets were spacious and clean.

Café Bazaar highlights the fact that they are a social business offering employment to young people significantly disadvantaged in the labour market, perhaps without family support. Reading between the lines, I think that means their staff are orphans who are making the transition into working life. But if I hadn’t known that, I wouldn’t have noticed any difference; the food was great and our waitress was helpful and friendly, speaking English to me when my limited Czech fell short.

We’ll definitely go back and it’s great to be able to support such a worthwhile enterprise without having to compromise on food or service.

Café Bazaar
Trojická 1, Prague 2 (in between the Výtoň and Palackého náměstí tram stops, 3, 7, 17)
Reservations: 222 540 873

Manager: Magdalena Valdmanová
Mobile: 777 698 156
Email: magdalena.valdmanova@cafebazaar.cz

Mon – Fri 11:30 am to 10:00 pm
Sat – Sun 10:30 am -10:00 pm