This is the tenth in the series of reviews of my trip to Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The following links will become clickable after each review becomes available:

The BA lounge at San Francisco airport is divided into two small halves; business and First. Both are almost the same, except that First has champagne and I think soup. The lounges are nice enough, but I was really surprised to find that there was no hot food. We had to leave the lounge and go to a really terrible bar, about 50 metres from the lounge, just to have some average food.

We started off in the business part of the lounge and then when some Gold card friends arrived, we moved to the First. We could have gone straight to First as there was nobody checking.

The best feature, by far, was that boarding was from a door at the rear of the business lounge and that lead directly to the boarding ramp of the plane. So First and Business passengers can board first while everyone else waits at the gate.

There are some pictures of the lounge in this review of BA First Class SFO-LHR.