This is the twelth (and last) in the series of reviews of my trip to Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The following links will become clickable after each review becomes available:

London Heathrow has a webpage that allows you to determine how to connect between terminals and how long it will take. You can choose your arrival and departure terminals and the site provides instructions. Here are mine. As you can see the process is messy and time consuming; bus, security and 90 minutes. I even chose T5 to T5 and it came up as 60 minutes!

The bus seemed to take ages to arrive and then took us on a tour around the airport, down a long underground tunnel and re-surfaced near T3. There was then hand-baggage security, with the usual Heathrow ‘fast track that isn’t at all fast’.

The whole process wasn’t 90 minutes but could easily have been an hour – which I think is ridiculous, especially if they could improve on this I would have been able to take an earlier connecting flight.

The good news is that my in-lined bags were transferred onto my next flight and arrived in one piece in Prague.