Back in 2002, I was really impressed with the Virgin Atlantic safety video (see below). Virgin had seatback monitors (even in economy) while other airlines were still showing one movie choice for everyone from a bulkhead screen. Watching the amusing cartoon video felt like the future had arrived.

Since then, other airlines have caught up and some overtaken Virgin with their in-flight entertainment and safety videos The old Virgin safety video was looking pretty tired.

Virgin updated their safety video with a movie-tribute theme. Western, Film Noir, Action and Sixties Psychedelia are all featured. A voiceover that delivers the info also changes to suit each genre featured. You can spot references to Sergio Leone, 2001: A Space Odyssey, James Bond, Batman, Alfred Hitchcock and The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine.

Personally, I’m disappointed that there weren’t any references to Back to the Future or Ghostbusters. I would have also liked to see a flight attendant smash down the door to the bathroom, in order to catch a smoker and say ‘Here’s Johnny!’.