I chose this hotel for several reasons:

  • It was close the Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center located at the Main Entrance of Everglades National Park
  • Hampton Inn is part of the Hilton group and as a Hilton Gold card holder I earn points and hoped for some extra benefits such as free wi-fi
  • It had a heated pool
  • They advertised free breakfast
  • It was less expensive than hotels in Miami.

Check in was smooth and I was offered a choice of Hilton points or two bottles of water – I took the water. There didn’t seem to be any other Hilton Gold benefits apart from free Wi-Fi – but I was happy with the Wi-Fi.

The room was fine (apart from one glaring omission) – I wasn’t expecting a luxury hotel. The air con unit was attached to the external wall and was a little noisy during the night. The worst thing by far was the lack of in-room safe. I spent quite a while searching for the safe as I couldn’t believe there wouldn’t be one. Instead, I had to deposit all my valuables in one of the safe deposit boxes behind the reception desk. The ladies on reception were very nice and helpful and didn’t complain when I was in and out of the safe several times each day. But I really hated all the messing about and sadly won’t ever stay at another Hampton Inn, just for that aspect.

Hampton Inn seem to be obsessed with telling people how they wash their bedding. Maybe I don’t stay in enough budget hotels, but I would expect the bedding to laundered after each occupation. There were adverts in the elevators showing people enjoying their clean sheets. There was even a post it note on the headboard of our bed (see pic).

The pool was clean and really warm, almost too warm. The hotel also provide free pool towels. There isn’t a bar or restaurant in the hotel, so the only drinks you can have are from the vending machines. There is a Publix supermarket just across the dual-lane highway opposite the hotel.

The free breakfast was truly terrible; paper plates, plastic cutlery, watery orange juice, a weird yellow omelette thing with cheese inside. There was a make-your-own waffle machine and so I learned how to make a waffle. The coffee was okay and there was also some fresh fruit and yoghurt. So you could eat something healthy.

A selection of chain restaurants, Red Lobster, Olive garden etc. were a very short drive away  – you could almost walk there.

If you are looking for good-value accommodation in the Homestead area and can live without an in-room safe, then this is a reasonable option.

2855 NE 9th Street, Homestead Florida 33033
Phone. 305.257.7000
Fax. 305.257.7200


Hampton Inn - Clean Sheets
Hampton Inn – Clean Sheets