London Heathrow Terminal Two is due to open in 75 days time. Before then, they are looking for volunteers to act as pretend passengers. So if you’ve ever wanted to experience what it’s like to travel through an airport, without actually flying somewhere, this is your chance. Or perhaps you are an aviation geek and would like to see the new terminal before it opens to the public?

Hopefully you won’t be subjected to the ‘Terminal 3 experience’ which features the slowest fast track security ever, who I believe deliberately slow down premium passengers just because they can. I use the regular security now at T3 and find it much faster than the fast track.

I’m sure as a volunteer, your day will be filled with smiling faces and smooth transition from check in to boarding. You can also take the kids for a day out – if you are feeling cruel, tell them they are going to Disneyland, then later confess it was just pretend. Refreshments will be provided, plus a small gift and raffle for a real flight. No payment is made to volunteers.

The current volunteer dates are:

  • Wednesday 2 April
  • Wednesday 9 April
  • Wednesday 30 April
  • Saturday 17 May

But you may be invited to other dates.

To sign up and find out more go to