Monday 28th July update: Four performances have been cancelled; 24/25/26/27 July. I’ve re-booked for Saturday August 30th and hope they’ll have resolved all the issues by that point. The new ‘first night’ is Thursday 31st July.

Secret Cinema is based in England and specialises in immersive cinema screening events. Previous shows have taken audiences into the world of Blade Runner and Ghostbusters, with entire sets built and actors interacting with cinemagoers, many in costume.

So I was pretty excited to discover that they were doing Back to the Future and managed to get tickets for this Sunday 27th. The first night was supposed to be Thursday 24th July. I’ve received several emails since I purchased the tickets, encouraging me to create a 1955 profile and visit their costume shop for 1955 clothes. They also advise that mobile phones aren’t allowed, in order to keep with the 1950s theme.

Yesterday, within only a few hours of the start of the event, Secret Cinema cancelled. People who had travelled, booked hotels and wore 1950s costumes went completely crazy on the Secret Cinema Facebook page and Twitter.

Secret Cinema promised to advise tonight’s ticket holders if the event would happen by 11am this morning. They only just cancelled about an hour ago (around 4pm UK time). People are going even more crazy – but there is some humour to be found in people’s comments:

  • David Morrison ‏@david_morrison  – But if my parents don’t meet tonight at #SecretCinema then I’ll never be born and I’ll never finish writing th
  • Chris Hewitt ‏@ChrisHewitt  – I guess you guys aren’t ready for Secret Cinema yet. But your kids are gonna love it.
  • Guy Lodge ‏@GuyLodge  – Just went to Dalston. It was full of people in 1950s costume looking lost, and I don’t think they were even Secret Cinema ticket holders.
  • Liz Buckley ‏@liz_buckley  – Secret Cinema having messed up their time lines is a real worry. Now I’m wearing this awful body warmer and my mum keeps coming onto me.

Andy Bendell Okay folks, leaving now in full costume. I’m not allowed my phone, so please inform me about whether it’s actually happening by one of the following options;
1. Carrier pigeon
2. Massive smoke signal (white for yes)
3. ESP
4. Chinese whispers up the m40 to Birmingham
5. Shout really really loudly
Reply from John Thirlwell: The guy from Western Union is waiting for you with a letter.

Hannah Holdstock “Erased from Existence”
Liam Curry
Tony McShane

This was a picture of the Secret Cinema Back to the Future Hill Valley Set this morning (25th July):

Secret Cinema Back to the Future Hill Valley Set

If they don’t cancel Sunday’s event then I’ll post some review of how it went.