I previously wrote about the Secret Cinema – Back to the Future PR Disaster and then how they emailed to say that the July 31st show would go ahead.

Now it is the day after that show, I thought I’d trawl social and news media to see how the show went.

Firstly, I looked at how the requirements and suggestions played through on the night. All ticket holders were told to register at the Hill Valley website and this provided a business card, which would also be your identity. It actually didn’t work that well as I have four tickets and was just given one male identity. Other requirements were; no mobile phones, bring a stopwatch or alarm clock, cushion or something to sit on to watch the film, sunglasses and a family photograph. You also need to bring whatever you need for the job you’re allocated.

It looks like the surrender of phones was voluntary. I can see why mobile phones would interfere with the spirit of 1955 and so it seems sensible to just keep your phone hidden away. What was disappointing to hear was that they were selling disposable cameras for £6. I don’t think these were around in 1955 either and Secret Cinema could easily be accused of profiteering from the no mobile phone rule. What I think they should have done is have an 1955 themed photo booth and photographer – but pictures emailed after the show for free. It’s never good to feel like you have been nickel and dimed, especially after paying £54 for a ticket.

Everyone was asked to meet at Hackney Wick station and then were led to the site, which is actually close to Stratford station, which took about 15 minutes. If you don’t want to be part of the parade, then I’d just go straight to Stratford. Latecomers weren’t denied entry.

The movie was projected onto the clock tower façade. The entire show is therefore outside and would suffer from bad weather.

In the reports that I have read, the business cards, alarm clock and family photo didn’t feature – but maybe they just forgot on the first night.

It looks like many people dressed in 50s costume, with a few Doc Browns and Marty McFlys. I personally think it’s fine to go as Doc or Marty, but I did read one good reason why not: From Connie Farkas – It’s a bit like going to Santa’s Grotto dressed as Santa.

Facebook comments include:

  • Annabel O’farrell Had an AMAZING time last night! Thank you for pulling it together Secret Cinema, we loved it.
  • Michael MJ Wayte Thank you so much for a wonderful evening i wont forget 1 bit of it tempted come again #bttf #hillvalley #1955
  • Guillermo Granell What a night that was Secret Cinema…congratulations, your’re to films what Glastonbury is to music!
  • Paul Farley Great show! Throw your concerns away – it may have been delayed, buts it’s worth the wait!
  • Will Smith Just got home. Was amazing!
  • Lynne Maltman That. Was. PHENOMENAL. Thank you so much Secret Cinema. I totally appreciate all the issues that have occurred and we went this evening feeling uneasy and quick to criticise but Oh. My. God. It was amazing. Huge congratulations to you and everyone else who has a ticket to go. I may have to go again!
  • David J Lord Just got back from the opening night. Wow!!! Worth the wait massively. If your a fan and love it all you won’t be disappointed. The live acting is so good
  • Katarzyna Pacanowska-Kufel Amazing event. One of the best experiences of my life!!!!

And positive reviews appeared in national media:

  • The Independent – quite a lot of detail including some photographs.
  • The Guardian – a positive review with picture of everyone sitting down to watch the movie. More pictures here.
  • The London Evening Standard – mostly positive, but a disappointment that the DeLorean car chase was halted by Health and Safety.
  • BBC News – mostly positive but with complaints about queues for food.
  • Daily Mail – typically focusses on last week’s disaster, but reports that the event went well.

I’m looking forward to going on my rescheduled date. Just hope it doesn’t rain.