Finally a weapon that allows you to fight back against those wasps, flies and mosquitoes that have been making your life a misery.

30th August 2017 update: I found a perfect cover for this racket.

20th May 2015 update: I finally managed to test this excellent device in Varadero, Cuba. We were in our hotel room late one evening and there was a large flying bug. Just one swing on the Executioner and there was a zap/flash and the bug was gone. So I can recommend this device, although I’m now going to look for an equivalent smaller version – something like a table tennis bat would be more suitable, especially if you plan to take the thing with you outside.

18th September update: The Executioner arrived today – it’s massive, the size of a small squash racket. I thought it would be more like a table tennis bat. I then started to think about how I would take this thing through airport security as hand luggage; the size of a racket and with electronics capable of inflicting a small electric shock. I’m pretty sure this will be confiscated. I’m assuming hold luggage is okay.

I just ordered this item from Amazon (£10.99 UK or US$19.99) and normally I’d wait until it arrived and I’d zapped a few flies and wasps before I wrote anything. And I will update this page after testing.

However, I was reading the Amazon reviews of existing users and thought they were funny enough to post now. Below are some extracts:

By S.Weasel on 28 Sep 2010:
My husband came zooming into the room with the Executioner and an evil grin and said, ‘you have GOT to see this thing in action!’

CRACK, burst of light, the mosquito just vaporized. We’ve been stalking around the house ever since looking for stuff to kill.

I fear for my immortal soul.

By PabbyF on 13 Sep 2013:
So, before long a medium sized fly appears and as usual, begins to taunt us. As I gripped my new secret weapon and s-l-o-w-l-y meandered towards the offending creature It buzzed off into the kitchen. I could swear it stuck up two legs at me. Just as I got to the fly, it took off and in sheer desperation I swiped the bat at it. HOLY CRAP! There was a bright flash of light and a crack worthy of Nikola Tesla’s lightning experiments. The fly’s wings blew off and it plummeted in a graceful arc straight into the sink. I looked in awe at my missus, then at the bat. Finally. A weapon of means to redress the balance.

By R. F. Stevens HALL OF FAMETOP 50 REVIEWER on 29 Mar 2010: in the garden we had loads of little midge-like things settling on the warm surfaces; all were dispatched with a casual wave and gentle crackle. Sooo satisfying. And then a fat fly appeared and made the fatal mistake of coming too near my piece of cake; zap, it fell stunned into the grass, and was immediately crushed underfoot into fertiliser. This was the epitome of effortless execution, no swinging rolled-up papers and missing, no sweat, no anger, no frustration.

By Kindle Customer on 24 Aug 2010:
After polishing off the rest of the flies with great excitement I can honestly say it was the best 30 minutes I’ve had at work since a Raccoon got into the photocopier.

By Rusty:
I must say I am curious as to what dimension the mosquito’s get sent to when they make contact with the executioner……those that have one, will know what I’m talking about. This thing is incredible but remember with great power, comes great responsibility. I for one have started leaving the windows open and the lights on and who says that power corrupts.

By Morgans_Direct_Ltd :
My buddhist girlfriend is no longer speaking to me. Why you might ask? Because apparently killing in any form is wrong, including blue bottles. In any case, I will continue my crusade with steely determination. Excellent bit of kit!