Back in March this year, Jordan Axani booked a round the World Trip for himself and his girlfriend, Elizabeth Gallagher. The tickets were apparently extremely cheap – maybe even mistake fares.

Jordan and Elizabeth have now split up. He announced on Reddit that he still plans to take the trip and anyone named Elizabeth Gallagher is welcome to his girlfriend’s ticket. He also states they need a Canadian passport – not sure why that is unless the tickets were issued on that basis.

This is what Jordan wrote:

The route is as follows:

December 21: NYC –> Milan
December 28: Prague –> Paris
December 29: Paris –> Bangkok
January 7: Bangkok –> New Dehli
January 8: New Dehli –> Toronto

Some ground rules:

I am not looking for anything in return. I am not looking for companionship, romance, drugs, a trade, or to take selfies with you in front the Christmas Market in Prague. If you feel compelled to toss me a couple hundred bucks, great. Really the only thing I ask for is that you enjoy this trip and that it bring you happiness.
We can travel together and see some cool stuff – or not. I’m easy and have no problem with someone taking the tickets and doing their own thing (see ya on the plane!). Embracing the spontaneity of life is more my thing, though, so if you want to travel together (and are not an axe murder) I’m likely game.
This is for the flights only. In the wake of the breakup I have deferred all further planning for the trip. No hotels, trains or anything have been booked. You’re on your own, bucko. Having said that, I will buy the first round of vino at JFK upon departure.
We can totally stay in India a couple days longer. Long story, but if we can come to agreement the airline can push back the return flight on both tickets (it’s both or nothin’) with no charge.
Still interested? Please meet the following, more or less:
1. Be sane, smart and (hopefully) interesting.
2. Have always wanted to travel, but maybe haven’t had the opportunity or cash to see much of the world.
3. Be named Elizabeth Gallagher and have a Canadian passport.
4. Be ready for a rather spontaneous life experience that will, one day, be an epic story that you’ll tell your kids.
5. Pay it forward. I’ve been lucky in life and this is me giving back to the universe. Do something similar someday.

Interested? Shoot me a note to and we’ll chat.

It looks like the story has gone viral and there is some discussion on Reddit regarding legally changing your name to Elizabeth Gallagher, how many EGs there are on Facebook, whether this could turn into a romance and become a story for a movie etc. However, now that the story is viral and the airline has probably heard about it, I wonder if the new Elizabeth Gallagher will be allowed to fly. After all when they say the ticket is non-transferable, they mean it can’t be transferred to anyone, even with the same name – don’t they?

I liked this comment posted on the Reddit link:

This would be a great evil plan. You fancy a girl named Elizabeth Gallagher from afar for years, maybe decades. You invent a story like this, then, make this offer, hoping she will realize she is the perfect candidate.

You fall madly in love. She does not suspect a thing. Not even when you have her tour your hollowed out volcano home.