Black Friday, a US tradition whereby stores reduce prices on the day after Thanksgiving, has come to the United Kingdom.

Shoppers, in what I would call rough parts of town, went crazy and it’s a sober reminder of how society can degenerate so quickly. The power and water supplies only need to be interrupted for a few days before this behaviour becomes the norm. I’m not sure how shoppers behave in Japan, but I remember that following the Fukishima meltdown, there didn’t seem to be riots and looting as you would sadly expect in many other world cities – maybe we can learn something from the Japanese.

In this video, shoppers try to get into Asda in Wembley. Asda dropped the ball by putting shopping baskets in the way of the door and these were knocked over causing people to fall and then be trampled.

This shows what happened after shoppers made it into the store and started fighting over TVs reduced from £300 to £150.