SkyMall was a weird magazine that certainly kept those of us from Europe entertained when flying US Airlines. There were pages and pages of the most useless stuff – but it was fun to browse on a long-haul flight. It also gave inventors hope: In an age where almost everything simple seems to have been invented already, now there was a place where your idea for a LED illuminated spatula would be embraced.

Some classic items on SkyMall website included a Serenity Cat Pod $1000 and a pair of Lawn Aerator Sandals $12.99.

Sadly SkyMall has filed for bankruptcy. The company’s interim chief executive, Scott Wiley, said the following in court papers:
“With the increased use of electronic devices on planes, fewer people browsed the SkyMall in-flight catalog,”

To commemorate the collapse of SkyMall, the daughter of a Channel 7 production editor, Michelle Meredith, who looks strikingly similar to singer Adele, performed a version of Skyfall from the Bond movie of the same name: