March 14th Update: This status match offer is due to expire in a few days and the downside is that you need to ‘live’ in New Zealand. But there is a much easier status match offer available now from Air Berlin.

I’m sure the land of Lord of the Rings is lovely, so when I say the downside is ‘live’ I actually mean you need a New Zealand mailing address. They’ll need to send your shiny Qantas One World card to that address – so don’t just make one up! I’m not suggesting that at any point you call up a kiwi mate and ask to use their address – that would be dishonest!

You’ll also need a scan of a Gold card from another airline. I’m surprised that they don’t want a screenshot of your current flight statement.

To apply for a status match you’ll first need a Qantas account:

Don’t forget your New Zealand address.

Then head over to the match page:

And upload an image of your Gold card.

Assuming you are granted Gold status, you then gain One World Sapphire benefits when flying all One World airlines – most notably lounge access, priority through security and extra luggage allowances.