There are three big airline alliances; One World, Star Alliance and Sky Team. Of the three, I think One World is the hardest to achieve Emerald Status (BA Gold) – either by flying or by status matching. One World includes British Airways who never seem to offer a status match and make their frequent flyers fly to Mars and back just for a Silver (Sapphire) card.

Air Berlin are offering to match your status with other airlines (can’t be One World or Emirates). However, what they call a Gold card is in fact One World Sapphire. I’m assuming if you send them a copy of your Gold Sky Team card, they’ll match you to their Gold and not their Platinum, which would be a closer equivalent. Even if they only match to Air Berlin Gold/OW Sapphire, that’s pretty good as One World Sapphire gives you a variety of benefits when flying all One World airlines – most notably lounge access, priority through security and extra luggage allowances.

As Air Berlin are also a partner of Emirates, you ‘ll receive similar benefits when flying with Emirates.

The status match page is here. Basically they just want you to email them a copy of your elite card from another alliance – I’m guessing Virgin Gold would also do nicely. The page also has a link where you can sign up for an Air Berlin Top Bonus card.