I was here as part of a group of 20 people organised by a friend of mine. We were on several separate, but nearby, tables of four and six people. The restaurant website says ‘just a stone’s throw from Watford Junction Station’. Well, I doubt if any human, even an Olympian, could throw a stone that far as it’s actually 1.2 miles from the station. After I wrote this, I decided to Google ‘world record for longest thrown object’ and found this:

The 13 inch (33 cm) Aerobie Pro was used to set the Guinness World Record two times for the “longest throw of an object without any velocity-aiding feature”. The Aerobie’s first Guinness World Record was set by Scott Zimmerman at 1,257 feet (383.1 meters) in 1986 at Fort Funston, San Francisco. The 1986 record was broken by Erin Hemmings with a throw of 1,333 feet (406.3 meters) on July 14, 2003 at Fort Funston. Hemmings’ Aerobie was airborne for 30 seconds (not an official measurement) and was the first thrown object to break the quarter-mile barrier (or 1,320 feet).

So the restaurant website is misleading.

The bottled Cobra beer was delivered very quickly and we started to look at the menu. There was a special offer:
1 Starter, 1 Main Dish, 1 Side Dish, 1 Rice or Nan & Coffee £10.95 per Person (Sunday to Thursday) £11.95 and I think most people ordered on that basis.

Considering how many of us were dining (and the rest of the place was full), the food arrived pretty quickly. In fact the service was almost too quick, with dishes being thrown onto the table haphazardly and some sides going to the wrong tables. Drinks service was also pretty fast.

The food was good for the price. After our main course, the plates were cleared but there wasn’t any mention of coffee. I’m not actually saying that anyone actually wanted a coffee, but it would be nice to be asked. Hot towels were delivered.

No sign of any chocolate mints.

The waiter came to our table and said “£23 each”. We hadn’t actually seen a bill and just assumed that someone had checked it and divided it up to include a tip. We each paid our £23. Some paid £25. Then it became apparent that some non-drinkers had left early and left less than £23 – the waiter said he needed another £10. A friend of mine and I added an extra £5 each. The waiter wasn’t that happy and grumbled that there wasn’t any tip. I’m still not sure what the total bill was and if anyone was able to check it – which would be difficult as it was one bill for several tables. Nonetheless, they did save on 20 cups of coffee. I’m also surprised that a tip wasn’t added automatically as is the norm for large parties.

Still no sign of any chocolate mints. Maybe these are never offered, but I have a feeling that the lack of tip might have put an end to any extras. Unsurprisingly we weren’t offered a drink on the house.

I ordered two glasses of brandy. They asked if I wanted ice! When these arrived @£3.50 per glass, I realised why they wanted to add ice. There was just a small single(?) measure in each glass.

And still no chocolate mints.

I left with a few others, before the majority of the group, as we were offered a ride back to Watford. I’m glad we didn’t wait for mints as they never arrived.

I’d say that if you live close by, then you’ll have a decent curry here. But I don’t think it’s worth making the trip out of Watford town centre, where there are plenty of good Indian restaurants that wouldn’t nickel and dime you.

Indian Sizzler
97 Longspring
WD24 6PU

01923 630111


Email: indiansizzler@live.co.uk

Open 7 Days a Week (Including Bank Holidays)
Monday – Saturday: 12.30pm – 2.30pm & 5.00pm – 11.30pm
Sunday: 12.30pm-10.30pm