I found this restaurant on Trip Advisor as the number one in Karlovy Vary. I could see from the map that it was just a short walk from the Hotel Pupp where we were staying for two nights.

The website doesn’t show a menu or any prices. But they did show a previous Valentine’s Menu that looked very good and was 690Kc. On that basis, I decided that it wouldn’t be ridiculously expensive. Note that I’d expect the link to the Valentine’s Menu to break at some point as they update their website.

I booked via their internet page and received an email confirmation of our reservation within a few hours.

We found the restaurant easily, the exterior looks inviting and the interior modern but cosy. I was slightly surprised that they didn’t offer to take our coats, which we had to hang in an open-style wardrobe by the door. I can, of course, hang my own coat – I only mention this because of the level of the restaurant we were visiting. Later the wardrobe became so full of coats that I was glad we didn’t have the table alongside.

We ordered a Bordeaux Rivage @550Kc and a bottle of Evian @95Kc. They didn’t have Evian and substituted Czech Toma @85Kc – which wasn’t much of a discount considering you can buy Toma at the local potraviny for 15Kc. The wine was very good.

A basket of bread and some olive tapenade was delivered to our table.

The ‘komplet’ menu looked very good @690Kc and we ordered that. There were a couple of choices of starter, main and dessert. The starter came very quickly and we were surprised that we hadn’t been offered an amuse bouche – we decided that the bread and tapenade might have been considered as that.

Every course was delicious, although I realise now, a week later, that I can’t actually remember what we had – to be fair, I have been to six other restaurants since then.

The bill arrived and we discovered that the bread was 40Kc and the tapenade was 50Kc. I really hate this type of nickel and dime-ing – it isn’t as if we’d just popped in for a glass of wine and just ate the bread. That is the only reason I couldn’t give this five stars.

Nonetheless, this probably is the best restaurant in Karlovy Vary and is still quite good value compared to some of the other places we saw while walking around. I actually tried to book again for the next evening, forgetting that they were closed on Sunday. This caused a small panic as we’d seen hardly anywhere worth visiting. It took an extensive internet search to discover a great place called Tusculum – which though a lot less expensive, gave us a jar of delicious pate with bread. I’ll write about that next.

Restaurace Le Marche
Mariánskolázeňská 4, 360 01 Karlovy Vary
Open daily except Sunday
from 11.00 am to 11.00 pm
+420 730 133 695