I don’t really like the term ‘Bucket List’ as there seems to be some finality to the whole thing. What happens when you’ve completed your bucket list – are you allowed to add more? There are also places that I didn’t even know existed until yesterday. That’s why I’m calling these this articles ‘Places that I want to visit – ‘ – and yes I realise that title won’t win any travel awards.

I’ll add a different place for each ‘Places that I want to visit -‘ article. They aren’t in any particular order. The previous one is Hashima Island, Japan. If you feel that I’ve missed somewhere amazing, it may be that I already visited. Or it may be that I’m not that interested – Rio de Janeiro, Machu Picchu, in fact anywhere in South America, are way down my list. I have a feeling that Rio de Janeiro and the Copacabana are all about the sexiness of the name and the reality would be a disappointment.

Today’s location, Laucala Island Resort,  is really expensive US$5000 a night (all inclusive) and that doesn’t include the cost of getting there. So don’t expect a review of this place anytime soon.

The best place to start is the Laucala Island website – this has sound but there is a mute button in the bottom right of the page.

Here’s a description of the resort:

Our resort is located on its own private island.
All activities on the island and water activities inner reef are inclusive:
18-hole golf course, tennis, horseback riding, yoga, gym, bike, jet ski, water ski, wake board, jet boat, kayak, windsurf, snorkeling, trawling and diving inner reef inclusive.
5 different bars and restaurants offering a large choice of location and flavors. Chef from Europe and Thailand.
The integral philosophy encompasses the whole island, growing its own livestock and vegetables, caring for its own poultry and hand making all guest products using the islands natural resources. 
The resort owns and operates its own airstrip and aircraft servicing the island 24hrs per day

Here’s the description of a One Bedroom Plantation Villa US$5520 per night:

160-190 sqm/ 1722-2045 sqft Incorporated into the old coconut plantation and situated directly on your own private beach are these villas each with their own swimming pool. Large outdoor bathing areas with oversized bath tub and garden situated outdoor shower. Large outdoor dining pavilions allow guest to dine under the stars. Yoga deck overlooking the ocean.

I’ll be checking my lottery numbers carefully tonight.