The UK Foreign Office has today banned all flights to/from Sharm el-Sheikh. The FCO travel advisory is here

The UK Government suspect that the Russian Metrojet flight, ferrying 224 passengers and crew to St Petersburg from the Red Sea resort in Egypt, had a bomb on board – a result of poor security. The aircraft, an 18-year-old A321-200, crashed 30 minutes after take-off.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said: “We have concluded there was a significant possibility that that crash was caused by an explosive device on board the aircraft.”

Three flights were banned from leaving the resort last night – a Thomson flight to Manchester and EasyJet departures to Luton and Gatwick.

It appears that UK official plan to visit Sharm el-Sheikh and operate stringent security checks in order to allow the stranded flights and passengers to leave. But that will only be a small number of passengers as each day there will be more expecting to depart on planes that no longer arrive.

The two Easyjet flights grounded yesterday evening were EZY8854 to London Gatwick and EZY2398 to Luton.

BA statement on Sharm flights:

We will be providing hotel accommodation to customers in Sharm El Sheikh who were due to fly to Gatwick with us today. We are working closely with the UK Government to find the best possible solution for our customers who are on holiday in the resort and those due to fly out from the UK. We understand the current situation is frustrating, however it is out of our control and the safety and security of our customers and crew is always our top priority. Following the decision by the UK Government to suspend flights, the British Airways flight (BA 2560) which was due to depart Gatwick this morning has been postponed until Friday. The BA2561 which was due to depart Sharm El Sheikh this evening will also depart one day later on November 6. 

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has warned it could “take some time” to start flying UK tourists back from Sharm el-Sheikh, but says it is vital to ensure their safety because the Russian jet crash was “more likely than not” caused by a bomb.

The BBC website has a series of FAQs.