Top Bonus is the frequent flyer program of Air Berlin. Air Berlin is part of the One World alliance which includes British Airways, Iberia and American Airlines. I’ve written in the past how Air Berlin is one of the few One World carriers that offers a status match – maybe they still do.

Their new promotion is aimed at signing up new members. For each person you recommend, who then signs up, you earn 1000 points/miles – well so long as you manage two positive referrals before 31st July. You actually earn 500 for the first and 1000 for each one after that. Your friend earns 1000 as well. Signing up is all that is required – this isn’t a ‘points after first flight’ type of promotion.

You can refer up to 10 people. So that means a potential 9500 miles. You need at least 10,000 for a free flight. Here is a link to the Air Berlin reward chart.

But if you aren’t a member already, you will gain 1000 miles if you are referred by someone else. If you don’t know anyone who is a Top Bonus member then please use my referral link and we’ll both gain from that!

Don’t forget to check the following box to gain 1000 and not 500 miles.


Even if you don’t make 10,000 miles/points, you can still find items in the Air Berlin shop for less and they also have special offers for flights.

You pretty much can’t lose on this promotion.