21st May update: Looks like the all-day breakfast deal is over. It wasn’t advertised outside and so I asked the strangely non-communicative waitress if the all-day breakfast deal was still on and she said yes. Once seated I found it was just a breakfast for 190 Kc without any extras included. It wasn’t bad but plenty of better value places nearby. The only positive was a parade of Hari Krishnas who passed by.

Como is part of the Hotel Jalta one of the hotels along Václavské náměstí (Wenceslas Square) in Prague. The best feature is a large outdoor terrace, where you can sit and watch people walking past. The outside diners vary between tourists and those who want to be seen.

Inside is quite dark and although they’ve tried to make the place inviting, you are still aware that you’re sitting in what was once the hotel lobby. Como is pretty expensive and I can’t really imagine a reason why I would want to spend that much to dine inside.

The menu prices are high – but then you are sitting on a hotel terrace in Wenceslas Square. For example:

  • Large Beer 85Kc
  • Juice 89Kc
  • AQUA Como Naturale Spring Water 79Kc a bottle – and if you ask for tap water then you’ll most likely get this and be charged
  • Cappuccino 75Kc
  • Pasta dish 275Kc
  • Homemade cake 135Kc

And that’s why I only have the all-day breakfast at 195Kc – for that you receive:

  • Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese and potatoes.
  • A 0.1l glass of juice
  • Tea or coffee
  • Bread, olive oil, jam, marmalade
  • Some pancake-style pastries with plum jam and cream

Como Breakfast

Which is a great deal compared to their menu prices. The breakfast is also pretty good. Just make sure that you don’t order anything else unless you’re wiling to pay almost as much as the price again. On our last visit, we asked for a glass of tap water (in both Czech and English) and were given the AQUA Como Naturale Spring Water 79Kc which I think was pretty sneaky.

The breakfast offer is a little erratic. For example, you’ll often be given the bread with olive oil to start, which is fine, eat all the bread, then find that jam or marmalade is served on the side of the plate that contains your scrambled eggs – I have no idea what happens if you ask for more bread, but I have a feeling it won’t be included in the price. Another example is when ordering tea – sometimes you’ll have a nice teapot whereas others you’ll have a long glass with hot water and a (Harney’s) tea bag.

There’s usually no need to book, even on a sunny day. If you do book, they offer a complimentary glass of sparkling wine – but in reality this is less than a 0.1l and not worth bothering with.

There is free Wi-Fi that also works on the outside terrace. Inside is non-smoking. Terrace is all smoking.

COMO Restaurant s.r.o.
Václavské náměstí 45/818
110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

+420 222 247 240