A number of airlines, airports and hotels have created Christmas videos this year. Here are my top nine:

Number 9 – Finnair – slightly confused

Number 8 – Air New Zealand – not bad, but we all get that it’s summer there

Number 7 – The Silver Tassie Hotel & Spa, Donegal, Ireland – just a small hotel, so well done for a nice video

Number 6 – KLM Airlines – clever idea that just about works

Number 5 – WestJet Airlines – almost trying too much for a tear-jerker ad

Number 4 – Air Berlin – very Christmassy

Number 3 – Barceló Hotels – just the right balance

Number 2 – EVA Air – clever idea from an airline I’ve never flown with

Number 1 – London Heathrow Airport – a great ad but sadly doesn’t reflect the actual shambolic experience of arriving at London Heathrow

And here are the worst:

Number 1 – Hawaiian Airlines Christmas Luau

Number 2 – RIU Hotels