A friend of mine recently returned from Peru and sent me a series of bug photos. I asked for some more information and added this to the photos below.

I don’t actually have advice to offer, except that you should expect to see these bugs if you decide to visit!

These centipede like things were EVERYwhere in Machu Picchu and I mean everywhere!

bugs-of-peru-01 bugs-of-peru-02 bugs-of-peru-03 bugs-of-peru-04

These big beetles were similarly prevalent in Aguas Calientes – including on our windowsill ….

bugs-of-peru-05 bugs-of-peru-06

This butterfly was on a plant near our hostel in Aguas Calientes:

bugs-of-peru-07 bugs-of-peru-08

This beetle I killed when it ran over our lunch table in Ollytaytambo:


This flying bug I stamped on after I knocked it off of my shoulder in Nazca:


This flying bug kept trying to get my beer – also seen in Nazca: