My American Express Gold Corporate Card offers free membership of Lounge Club. It’s similar to Priority Pass, where you can access various lounges and a fee is debited from the credit card associated with the account. American Express offer the first two visits for free. I’m still not sure if that means my first two visits, with a guest charged, or, first two charges – I’m hoping it is the latter.

I haven’t used the card before as I usually have status with the airline I’m flying with and use their lounge. This time we were flying from London Gatwick with the low-cost airline, Norwegian, as part of a package to the Portuguese Island of Madeira.

There are No.1 Lounges in both the North and South Terminal at Gatwick – we used the South Terminal. On arrival we were told that the lounge was full and likely to be so for the next hour – but we could pay £12.50 per person extra and use what they call club rooms which include champagne and better food. We said we’d think about it.

Having thought about it, we returned with the intention of paying for the club rooms, only to find that the regular lounge was now available. So if you’re told the lounge is full, simply walk out and back in five minutes later!

I wasn’t expecting much as most generic lounges usually have just soup, crisps and a small selection of drinks. I was amazed to find a manned bar and food menu. Just off the large lounge area, which included dining tables, there was a TV room and a quiet library type room – it was actually better than many airline lounges that I’ve visited. The toilets were too small for a lounge this size.

Here is the food menu:

And this is how the Lamb Hotpot looks:

Overall a really good lounge and well worth a visit if you’re flying from Gatwick.