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We were looking for somewhere midway to overnight between Luton Airport and the Portmerion Village and Hotel in North Wales. Birmingham was an option and when Jurys Inn had a £49 room sale, we booked.

We left Luton Airport around 9pm and arrived at the Jurys Inn just before 11pm. They have a dedicated car park at the rear with 200 parking spaces. The cost per 24 hours is £14.20 (paid on exit). There is a height restriction of 1.7m and that feels really low – we were in a Hertz rental Renault Kadjar suv that is 1.6m high and it felt like we going to take the roof off.

The reception desk is raised above the lobby and you need to take three or four steps up – not sure what those with limited movement do about that.

My Floor 3 status with Jurys Inn has some limited benefits. The receptionist forgot about those and I had to prompt him for the coffee and drink vouchers.

Our room was on a high floor, water and biscuits had been left as part of the Floor 3 benefits – the bed was king size and so I’d guess a superior room. The air con had error E01 showing and no amount of fiddling would make it warm the room. We decided to not to try and change rooms as it was already 11:30.

Around 3:30am we were both awake – the people in the room next door were playing loud music and shouting to each other. I called reception and not long after I heard them knock and ask the occupants to quieten down. It was quiet for ten minutes and then the noise went back up – we drifted in and out of sleep and I guess at some point the noise stopped. So a really poor night’s sleep, although really the fault of our neighbours and not the hotel – perhaps the receptionist should have returned within 30 minutes to re-check.

This was the view from our window when we woke up:

Bleary-eyed, we checked out. I told the receptionist the story of the people next door and how they should be banned from staying at the hotel. Amazingly they’d already checked out – which makes me suspect they’d taken something. The receptionist was good enough to validate our parking.

So I’m not sure what to say about this hotel. I suppose if I had to stay in Birmingham overnight and the price was right then I’d stay again.

Jurys Inn, Birmingham
245 Broad Street, Birmingham , B1 2HQ
Tel: +44 121 606 9000