Update: This was a poor restaurant and I’m glad it’s now closed. Let’s hope the other branches of Ed’s Easy Diner are better – I won’t be visiting them.

We were looking for a quick beer and burger before our ‘Lost Tunnels of Euston’ tour – we had to be there for 17:45. Ed’s Easy Diner is part of the Euston Station piazza. Piazza being too good a name for a scruffy piece of pavement with wooden tables full of smokers, the odd busker and a few homeless asking for change. Apparently it’s part of a chain, with over 30 UK locations.

On entering, I could smell the burgers cooking and decided that maybe the ventilation wasn’t working as well as it should. We were seated straight away and ordered a couple of beers and burgers; 33cl Corona £4.75, burgers without fries around £7.50. You can pay £4 extra for fries, onion rings and coleslaw, but we didn’t as we already had a 20:45 booking at Mughal’s Indian Restaurant in Paddington.

The interior is classic American 50s diner and done quite well:

The waitress was friendly. The burgers were pretty average. They reminded me of the burger you get when you visit a friend’s barbeque where they bought a few packs of burgers and buns from Sainsburys. The breakfast options may be better and more authentic.

I went to visit the bathroom. A girl was standing outside a door that said ‘Toilets’. I asked “is there only one?”, “yes”. “Are you sure, as the sign says toilets with an ‘s'”, “yes, I just saw a girl go in there”.

While we were waiting, some guy arrived and asked me “is there only one?”, “yes” and the conversation followed the same pattern.

When it was my turn, I found it was indeed a single facility, also with provision for those with mobility issues. It was smelly and scruffy – the toilet cistern had a disconcerting sticker tape wrapped around it:

I wonder what sort of things were being hidden in the cistern to warrant such a seal? Certainly not a practical place to store illicit goods as you’d find yourself in a line waiting to go in!

I probably wouldn’t go back unless I found myself stuck at London Euston for over an hour – and then I’d try the Café Rouge place next door.

Ed’s Easy Diner – Euston
Unit 2
Euston Piazza
Euston Station
London NW1 2DY

0207 388 6967

Monday to Thursday 7:00am-10:00pm
Friday 7:00am-11:00pm
Saturday 8:00am-11:00pm
Sunday 8:30am-9:00pm
Breakfast Until 11:30am daily