We were staying at the Hilton Paddington and so I spent some time looking for a good local Indian Restaurant. We didn’t want anything overly fancy such as the Cinnamon Club, more something like The Punjab.

Mughal’s looked perfect and so I tried to book a table via their website. The booking process is a bit odd as you have to choose an hour from a clock face, then ok to display the same face again and choose the minute. After completing, the details, the submit button didn’t appear to do anything. I waited a day or so and didn’t receive any confirmation email. So I sent them a reservation request by email. Another few days and I realised that I’d need to call – table booked.

We arrived at 20:45 following pre-dinner drinks in the Hilton lounge and were seated immediately. The place small, tightly packed and was exactly what we were looking for. Large bottles of Cobra beer were quick to appear.

My Sister had joined us and spent several minutes discussing her vegan dietary requirements – the waiter was really helpful. With all the vegan conversation, we forgot to order pappadums.

The main courses were all around £10 and delicious – we added rice, naan bread and an aubergine dish.

More drinks and the total bill was around £62 – a 10% service charge was already added. Good value I thought.

We weren’t offered a digestif – which does happen often in Indian restaurants.

I would recommend Mughals to anyone who found themselves near Paddington station – just call and reserve a table the old-fashioned way.

The Mughal’s Indian Restaurant
11 London Street Hyde ParK London W2 1HL

020 7262 3030



Open Hours
Monday – Friday Noon – 11:30pm
Saturday Noon – 11:30pm
Sunday Noon – 11:30pm

I returned the next day to take some outside photos: