Vlkova 26 is a bar/club in Prague’s Žižkov area. The Žižkov has a reputation for being a bit rough with plenty of late-night bars. But the area has undergone urban renewal and isn’t really rough – although there are plenty of late-night bars.

Vlkova 26 is the name of the bar and also the street address – which makes it easy to find, especially as the bar doesn’t have a sign outside:

Inside is a large dark room – the bar on the right and a dance floor and DJ stand at the back:

The place has a cool vibe and fits well into the Žižkov. Just off the dance floor are the toilets, which were clean and functional, but this is Žižkov and so you’d be disappointed if there wasn’t any graffiti:

I was actually here to see the first DJ performance of two Swedish girls Ellen & Ottie:

The event invitation on Facebook is here.

The guys behind the bar were friendly, the measures seemed generous, the prices good – although I can’t actually remember how much I paid in the end.

I was the oldest person there but didn’t feel out of place.

Ellen & Ottie did a good job – my measure of success being that they played music I liked and people danced:

Here are Ellen & Ottie enjoying their set:

I enjoyed my time getting down with the kids in Vlkova 26 and I’d go back again if they let me.

Vlkova 26
130 00 Prague

Opens 20:00 – 05:00