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The Temelín Nuclear Power Plant is the largest power generator in the Czech Republic. I previously wrote about the sexism row caused by the light-hearted competition run to choose the next intern. That resulted in so many complaints that the whole thing has been removed from the Temelín Facebook page.

But who are the girls featured in the Temelín photo shoot? First you need to know something about the Czech education system. The majority of students stay in the system until 18 years old – many in vocational colleges. At 18 you graduate – it’s more than a high school graduation, more like a college graduation. The next step is University. These girls are all graduates and entered a beauty contest run each year specifically for graduates: Maturantka Roku.

Here are the finalists, still in bikinis but not in the nuclear power plant. Each has a separate page under Maturantka Roku  with more details – just click to see each one:

Dominika Rozmajzlová

Radka Erbanová

Aneta Nováková

Lucie Šlezingrová

Radka Podlahová

Kristýna Vávrová

Markéta Kozáková

Štěpánka Vaňková

Aneta Kunteová

Dominika Hubálková

You can also vote under Maturantka Roku currently Markéta Kozáková has most votes.