Hlučná samota is named after a book called Příliš hlučná samota (1976) by Czech author Bohumil Hrabal. Příliš hlučná samota translates as ‘too much noisy loneliness’ – which I suppose could apply to any noisy bar where you visit alone and don’t know anyone.

The Hlučná samota website has a picture of Bohumil Hrabal with a beer, so I’m guessing that he visited at least once.

The Czech draft beers are:
Staropramen 10° 0,5l 37Kc
Postřižinská 11° 0,5l 39Kc

I usually drink the Postřižinská despite the pronunciation problems.

The food is good, traditional pub fare at a reasonable price. The menu, in Czech and English, is on their website. Inside looks like this:

There are tables outside in the street – the street isn’t very busy, especially at the moment as the street that crosses Záhřebská is under construction. I was amazed to see pictures of a courtyard garden on their website as I’ve never seen that open.

Just recently, I tried to book an outside table for eight people for a Tuesday evening – I went in on Monday. But was told that they don’t take reservations for outside tables. So that was eight people who drank and ate elsewhere that evening!

Nothing really special about this place, but if you’re in the area you’ll be okay there. Or, if you are looking for a great wine bar, then almost opposite is Le Bouquet.

Hlučná samota
Záhřebská 14,
Prague 2

+420 222 522 839



Open every day 11:00 – 24:00