Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) was started in London by New Zealanders Adam Wills, Greg Driscoll and Brandon Allen, in 2001. Now owned by Capricorn Ventures, most notable for operating Nando’s, there are 88 UK locations.

I’ve never been to any until two days ago. I probably wouldn’t return.

We visited the GBK in the Westfield Centre, near Shepherd’s Bush. The place looks okay – nothing fancy..

We were shown to our table and provided menus. But told we had to return to the cash register at the entrance in order to order items. I thought it was a full-service restaurant, but it’s actually similar to Nandos – fast food at restaurant prices. And that’s a concept I really dislike.

This was our order:

Big Mouth Special £9.95
6oz beef patty, Big Mouth beer cheese, bacon monster crunch, smoked chilli mayo, beef ketchup, salad, brioche bun

Classic Cheese 4oz £6.65
Beef, house mayo, relish, salad
Choose from mature Cheddar, Red Leicester, smoked Applewood or American cheese – I wasn’t asked what cheese I’d like

Sweet Potato Fries £4.15
With baconnaise

San Miguel (5.0%) 330ml £3.95

Budvar (5.0%) 500ml £5.95

The burgers weren’t anything special but at least they were served on plates – albeit bare. The fries were pretty small for £4.15.

The burgers were okay, but nothing amazing. They should be at least as good as Five Guys and they weren’t even close to that. Five Guys also sell beer, so the only difference is that these burgers are brought to your table and served on a plate.

Our GBK bill over £30 – too much for average fast food.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen
Unit 1072,
Westfield Shopping Centre,
White City,
London, W12 7GB

Monday – Saturday 11:00 – 23:00
Sunday 11:00 – 22:00

+44 (0) 2087 491 246