Hamleys is a famous British toy store that opened in 1760. I was amazed to see them open an enormous store in the centre of Prague last year. I think it’s bigger than the original Hamleys on Regent Street in London.

This month they’ve opened a live butterfly house in the lower ground floor. I went to have a look…

We entered Hamleys store. There is a lift to right and so we jumped in and pressed -1. Nothing happened. We asked the security guy near the entrance and he explained that you have to walk to the back of the store and take the escalator down. We found the entrance.

The cashier advised us to be careful that we didn’t step on any butterflies that may be on the floor and also to check that we didn’t leave with any extra passengers.

Inside was hot (26 deg.)  and really humid but it was a typically hot day in Prague and so we were dressed for warm weather. The place is themed like a Cambodian temple, although the plants need to grow a bit more.

There were large exotic butterflies everywhere.

One landed on my arm and was happy to stay while I wandered around. Then another landed on my hip while I was having this picture taken:

There was a butterfly hatchery:


I took a short video that shows just how many butterflies are flying around.


There’s a long mirror at the exit so you can check you aren’t carrying any butterflies.

We really enjoyed our visit. Apparently the butterflies change by season, but I can’t imagine visiting during cold weather as would overheat in the butterfly house. Maybe they should think about a cloakroom.

Papilonia Butterfly House
Hamleys, floor -1
Na Příkopě 854/14

Open every day from: 10:00 – 20:00


Tel.: +420 777 77 40 40
E-mail: info@papilonia.cz
Entry:150 Kč
Child:100 Kč
Small family:350 Kč (two adults, one child)
Large family:400 Kč (two adults, three children)