We were in Salzburg for a long weekend. There are plenty of restaurants in the centre of Salzburg, many offering traditional Austrian food, many of them expensive. We were sightseeing and didn’t want to spend a long, potentially expensive, lunch. Burgerista is well reviewed and in a really central location.

It’s a burger place, where you line up and place an order, then collect it when it’s ready. I could have just said ‘fast food’ but that isn’t quite fair as the burgers are much better than that. The closest equivalent is Five Guys or In-n-Out Burger.

The menu is pretty simple; choose a burger then add EUR4 for chunky fries and a drink.

The choice of drinks with free refills includes the regular sodas, plus homemade lemonade – you’re given a glass jar as a cup. They also sell a 0.33l beer for EUR 3. They give you a pager that buzzes when your food is ready and you collect from an open kitchen.

We tried a classic burger EUR 6.90 and 3 mini cheeseburgers EUR 4.90. The burgers were better than they look in my pictures.

The mini burgers were much smaller than I expected – on my next visit I had a double cheeseburger. The chunky fries were really good.

The tables have a selection of sauces.

Our first visit was noon on a Sunday and it wasn’t that busy. Our next visit was around the same time on Monday and the place was packed – lots of teenagers who may have been on their school lunch break. There was a long line to order and only one person behind the counter, it was quite hot and tables were scarce. Burgerista is a victim of its own success.

Despite the busy Monday, we enjoyed the food. The server behind the counter was friendly and spoke to us in English. I would definitely recommend Burgerista if you find yourself in Salzburg or any of their 18 locations across Austria and Germany.

Griesgasse 15
5020 Salzburg

MO – FR & SU: 10:30 – 22.00
FR & SA: 10:30 – 04.00