We were staying at the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza and were looking for places nearby. The my indigo restaurant is just around the corner and looked like a really good place – and it mostly was.

I thought this was a one-off restaurant but later discovered that it’s actually a chain, with nine locations in Austria and three in Germany.

On our first visit (9th September 2017) the staff were really friendly and also spoke English. There is a limited menu of various curries that sit ready in large pots at the front. The interior is very stylish.

There was a group of girls wearing wedding dresses – no idea why.

We ordered a couple of Red Thai Chicken Curries EUR 6.80 each, a bottle of Merlot EUR 18.50 and a some water.

The waitress brought us two bowls of complimentary nuts.

Very soon after our curries arrived – it was almost too soon, but of course we should have realised that everything is ready to serve immediately.

The curry was very good.

The bathrooms are upstairs where there is also a mezzanine floor with more tables, so I took more pictures.

The bathroom was clean and followed the theme.

There wasn’t much available in the way of pudding and the only strong alcohol available was gin – I think because they offer only gin-based cocktails. So we left and walked around to the Italian Café Tiziana on the next street where we had tiramisu and sambucca.

Our second visit was on the 11th September 2017. All the staff were different. This time we’d decided to slow things down by having starters. The waitress explained that we’d need to go to the front and choose from the various sushi options, or visit the salad buffet. The buffet bowl is weighed at the counter and was EUR 3.30. I had a quinoa coconut roll EUR 3.50 – I had to ask for a plate and some cutlery.

We had another bottle of Merlot and asked for water. This time, I found when I received the bill, we were charged EUR 2.50 for still water and then 2 x EUR 1.00 for something called energy water. We didn’t receive the free nuts this time.

We then ordered Yellow Cashew Chicken EUR 5.90 and Beef Chilli EUR 7.10 – the waitress asked if we wanted extra nuts and we later found EUR 0.80 added to the bill for these.

The food was good, but we were disappointed at the uneven charging. Had we not returned I would have raved about this place and given five stars. But the nickel and diming on our second visit changed my view. I’m also not a fan of the self-serve starter model – I think if you are sitting in to dine, you should be able to order starters from your table and they arrive unwrapped and on plates.

Nonetheless, it’s still a good place to visit and still better value than many of the restaurants in Salzburg.

my indigo Restaurant
Auerspergstraße 10
5020 Salzburg


Mo – Sa: 11:00 –  22:00
So: 12:00 – 21:00